It’s a hot summer day and you are sitting by the pool getting your tan on or having a picnic on a blanket under the shade of a big tree. You brought some fresh pineapple that you cut up earlier, so you decide to take out the fruit and have a refreshing snack. It’s soft but pretty chewy with a consistency somewhere between an orange and an apple. It is just sour enough to get your attention but sweet enough to leave you wanting more.  They taste magical.

However, Pineapples are more than a fruit. They’re symbols. They are used to symbolize hospitality, good vibes, and tropical places. Whenever you see one, I’d be willing to bet that you associate it with nothing but positivity. That is, unless, you have a weird traumatic experience with a pineapple. If that is the case, I am so sorry.

Here is a pretty cool website that gives a little extra information about pineapples themselves like their history and how they came to symbolize luxury and hospitality:

What Pineapples Mean to Me

To me, pineapples symbolize my youth. That carefree feeling of loving life because I was ignorant to adulthood just aligns with the socially recognized connotations of a pineapple. They are simple to draw and there are many creative paths you can take with the symbol of a pineapple.

I have personally done multiple artistic projects with the pineapple as the central symbol. In high school, the graduating seniors got their own personal brick on a wall in the school that they could design and paint in order to leave a small legacy or make a statement. I’ll bet you can guess what I did for mine.

I also created an entire EP called Pineapple Szn to show my love for this fruit and everything it represents. I will talk more about this project in another post, but here is the link for it if you would like to listen to it (please do).

About a year ago, I got a tattoo of a pineapple on my arm. I like tattoos, but I am not one of those people that will cover my body in them. If I am going to get one, I want it to be small, meaningful, and in a spot that I can easily cover up. This pineapple is my only tattoo and I do not regret it at all. I want this symbol and everything associated with it to be with me forever. 

This is tattoo studio I got mine done at: and I highly recommend it if you are in the Minneapolis area and looking to get some ink.

I hope you appreciate pineapples a little bit more now and understand my obsession with them. I encourage you to join the pineapple party or find your own symbol that makes you feel good.

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