Pineapple Szn EP Context

In the summer of 2018, I released an EP called Pineapple Szn. My goal for this project was to get as many people involved as possible. Anybody that wanted to contribute could do so. Anybody that I knew that could play an instrument, sing, rap, write a story, draw, edit photos, take photos, or do anything else creative was invited to contribute to this project. Not only that, but I tried to get a bunch of people to provide a laugh for a skit on a song or be on the cover art with me.

Unedited photo used for Pineapple Szn cover art

I wanted this project to be a time capsule almost of my youth. I had just graduated high school and all of my friends were moving to different states to go to different schools. I wanted one last celebration with everyone, and I wanted to make sure it would last and that I could look back upon it with smiles.


To get a bunch of people involved, I decided I wanted a different piece of artwork for each song along with one that would be for the EP as a whole. Some of my photographer friends loved to help including my friend Mario (follow his Instagram page who drew part of the art for “Spongebob.” My good friend Caroline Abenroth ( Put together the artwork for “Szn” with her amazing photography skills. Much of the final editing of the artwork was done by me, but that mostly included adding the words and the explicit content symbol.


I handled most of the production myself, as I wanted a positive, fun sound to tie all the songs together. Taely produced “Yellow,” which is my most popular song to date. Taely is actually a very talented producer and is someone I have worked closely with for a few years now. He just released an instrumental on streaming services called “Steel Samuri.” Check out his page at or stream the song on all streaming platforms.


Besides a couple choruses, every person wrote their own lyrics. I didn’t want to be controlling over what my collaborators would say. The process was simple as I would read or play them what I had written for the song and tell them what the general topic or theme of the song was. From there, it was all up to the creator to paint the canvas of the song however they would like.

I personally think all artists should write their own lyrics, but check out this article for some discourse around writing lyrics solo vs in a collaborate way:

Thank You

There are too many names to type out in this blog post, but you can find all the proper credits in the descriptions on SoundCloud. I just want to give another big thank you to everyone that contributed to this project. This would not exist without every person involved. 

Visit my page at or click play below to listen to Pineapple Szn.

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